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Unlock the power of Era

For the International Vehicle Rental and Mobility Operator

Real-Time Intelligence across your Vehicle Rental Enterprise

We combine our extensive industry experience with our specialist software expertise to offer transforming products and services to the world of international vehicle rental and mobility operators.

Our core product is Era, an innovative and powerful rental management system designed by industry professionals for unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Some of Era's key features and benefits are shown here, but please contact us if you would like to find out more.

One-screen concept

Single screen UI ensures simplicity of use 

Our carefully optimised UI is highly intuitive, easy to use and has very high user acceptance. It guides users through the rental process, minimising errors to ensure high data integrity and accurate billing. Because it is so intuitive, staff training is quick and ongoing productivity remains very high.

one-screen concept
Rules Engine

Intuitive business rules management, quick and efficient configuration

Era’s Rules Engine fully supports your business policies through highly configurable validations in all areas and at all levels. There are highly visual prompts, so users are guided towards recording accurate information which results in complete integrity of transactions and adherence to company rules and protocols.

Location Hierarchy

True multi-dimensional location hierarchy

The intelligence behind Era’s multi-dimensional Location Hierarchy underpins the whole system. It allows sophisticated business modelling which supports any operating model; corporate, franchised, independent, mixed & multi-country. Features such as unlimited numbers of rental and non-rental locations and inherited common features & details means that your business model can be truly represented in Era.

location hierarchy
rules engine
Fleet Management

Unique vehicle events for ultimate fleet control, current and future availability

Your fleet will always be under perfect control with era. Unlimited vehicle details can be recorded and every task or movement associated with a vehicle is held as a Vehicle Event for complete security and auditability. Features such as powerful future and current availability projections, highly visual Ready Line handling and comprehensive damage and maintenance tracking means you always know the location, status and condition of your vehicles.

fleet management
Customer Engine

Integrated hierarchy, customer-centric, proactive customer management

Era’s Customer Engine drives loyalty and enhances the customer experience with saved customer preferences, flexible and non-restrictive data capture and VIP customer handling. The hierarchy structure allows real-world representation of your customers, such as Parent/Division accounts. There are powerful search facilities including 'soft' search, partial name and 'sounds like' capability with swipe technology for quick and easy identification.

customer engine
Rates Engine

Unique rates handling, maximising revenue through powerful upselling tools

The right rate, for the right customer, for the right rental sounds simple but can be extremely challenging for some systems.  With Era, you can quickly create and deploy rates for complete accuracy in the rental and onward billing. Rates are highly configurable providing ultimate pricing flexibility and we provide a unique Rates Wizard for ease and speed of maintenance. You can deploy rates indefinitely, seasonally or on a minute to minute basis. Integration with third party rates and reservation systems means you can work seamlessly with your partners.

rates engine
Yield and Availability

Dynamic pricing, sophisticated Closeout and On Request processing

Working with Era’s Rates Engine, our Yield & Availability processing allows you to set dynamic pricing based on utilisation and demand; you set the parameters, Era does the rest!  Sophisticated parameter driven processing for closeouts, stop-sells and on request ensures optimal yield at all times. Branch and call centre staff have detailed availability information presented to them in a highly visual format for any given situation.

yield and availablity

Unlimited split billing across multiple clients, payment methods

Applying payments in Era is fast, secure and accurate. Customer’s payment methods are stored with fully encrypted card numbers for complete security and can be easily retrieved when needed. Long term rentals are handled through Scheduled Billing on a single rental agreement and you can restrict payment methods by customer, location, rate and many other parameters. Integration with any payment card provider for automated card processing is offered.

Knowledge Base

Efficient, intelligent, search and retrieval

Era’s Knowledge Base is the go-to place when a user needs to find something in the system; it might be a customer, a rental, or a vehicle – whatever it is, it can be found and retrieved quickly. Features such as extensive sorting, grouping & filtering capabilities with a powerful drill-down facility makes it highly efficient. It also integrates with card-swipes for fast and error-free search and retrieval.

knowledge base

Suite of Era APIs for seamless integration

If you already have or are planning to move into car sharing and ‘customer direct to car’ programmes, with Era’s key engines we can build API’s to integrate seamlessly to your chosen telematics and geo-spatial partners for complete remote vehicle control. The heart of such programmes is already there in Era, straightforward API integration can open up new opportunities for you to penetrate new transport segments and maximise fleet utilisation.


Fully integrated Reporting suite with Era's key engines

Era Reporting is flexible and secure, providing comprehensive reporting at all levels of your organisation through its integration with Era’s Location Hierarchy. Key features such as user group level security and detailed selection criteria gives highly focused data analysis. Era reports are highly integrateable, allowing exports to MS office and other standard formats. 


Ease of integration into overall business architecture

Era provides all the functionality required to operate the rental aspects of a business but it also provides a set of application web services to allow it to slot seamlessly into an overall business architecture.  Rather than try to create clones of common business applications such as accounting and CRM, Era provides simple integration mechanisms to exchange information between those systems.  This means that clients get the advanced rental functionality of Era without having to compromise in other core areas.

Through a suite of industry standard API’s, Era integrates with your channel partners for real-time price & availability requests and reservations. API’s can also be built for external providers of services such as fuel cards, tolls & fines, identification verification, telematics, payment cards and so on.

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