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Valued Relationships

Global Enterprises

The approach we took to build Era is quite distinctive and fundamental to the way in which we are able to help our customers achieve their objectives.

Equally at home in any model of rental operation, from small independents to enterprise level operators, Era has a global reach and is currently the system of choice in some of the biggest names in vehicle rental.

Some of our valued partners benefiting from Era





Graham Ward, CEO, Thrifty Australia/NZ

At Thrifty Australia, we chose Fourth Tier Solutions to provide their Era product for our rental reservation system. With over 170 locations of corporate and franchise locations and over 25,000 vehicles under management, Era easily accommodated Thrifty’s business model.


Our core focus was the customer and FTS partnered with us to develop market-leading solutions to make the customer interfaces and processes easy and convenient. This also led to substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. Other more complex initiatives such as dynamic pricing and fleet control were integrated seamlessly.


We found ERA an extremely simple and easy system to use and it reduced our training times from months to days whilst increasing staff satisfaction and engagement.


The FTS team partnered with us every step of the way with a consultative and supportive approach. Drawing on their vast rental experience and knowledge, FTS dealt with the complexity and delivered a professional and reliable solution every time.

Fourth Tier have been a valued partner of Regal Rentals for over 8 years, their industry knowledge and experience enables them to deliver very effective customer service and the ERA programme is easy to use and an excellent vehicle rental business tool

Jamie Frost, Managing Director, Regal Rentals UK

With the implementation of Era across our rental operation, we have moved from a 2-month user training and induction effort to a 2-day user training & induction effort, achieving huge cost savings

Kelly Sweeney, Implementations Manager, Thrifty Australia/NZ

In my 30 years in car rental, the majority in Systems Analysis, I have worked with 5 different car rental systems from around the globe. I have yet to see a car rental system that matches up to Era in terms of ease of use and ease of configuration.


Anyone in car rental will know what a competitive market it is, and rates maintenance can be a nightmare, but not in Era. I absolutely love the design of the rates functionality as well as the one screen Reservation and Rental capture which no one else seems to have got right.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with a company as professional and knowledgeable as Fourth Tier Solutions. It makes all the difference when your service provider 'gets' car rental.

Stacey Stippel, Implementations Manager, Europcar South Africa

In my experience in fleet and operations within the car rental industry over the last 20+ years I have had the opportunity to experience many car rental platforms, all having the ability to rent the vehicle. What I found with the fourthtier (ERA)  solution was a platform that allowed flexibility and the support to implement changes and improvements in an agile way.


My responsibilities included the onboarding and training of the frontline staff across Australia, In the past with other platforms I found it took the best part of 1-2 weeks to get a rental agent proficient in the use of the platform. With Era we greatly reduced this time to two days thus allowing more time to focus the training on sales and customer service techniques. This greatly improved our productivity and sales.

The asset management and tracking far exceeded other systems previously experienced with total visibility of fleet across corporate agency and franchise locations. Reporting was flexible and able to be customised to suit our needs.

I found the commitment from the ERA team to working with my team on development and improvements one of the biggest wins. Having that direct access to the development team meeting regularly discussing many new initiatives and how and when we would move these to production. Over the 7 years working hand in hand with the ERA team we customised the platform to be an extremely powerful rental system delivering the results we desired.


The platform is easy to train, simple to use and yet a highly capable and efficient car rental platform. I have no hesitation in recommending the platform to daily car hire operators.

Stephen Short, Network Operations Director, Thrifty Australia/NZ

                       Former Fleet and Franchise Director, Hertz Australian Pty Ltd

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